Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dirt: I looked in the mirror and did not like it.

Our society is due a fall soon. Rome got to big for its britches and look what happened.
I am equal parts scared and equal parts anticipatory. The pressure cooker that the internet has created is going to blow sooner or later. The isolation we experience on a daily basis is the cause of the road rage, movie theater slayings and inability to communicate with anyone anymore.

We criticize our youth for their monosyllabic retorts, but have we spent anytime looking in the proverbial mirror?

I rarely read comments on the anything posted on the internet. Only when I am tagged in something or get feedback on something I have commented on do I venture into that land of anonymity. I am always, always, always shocked by the horrible, rude and unnecessary words that people are willing to share. Shocked.

We are quickly becoming a world of letting our human nature show. Not good. Human nature is something we are taught in kindergarten and preschool to control. The infantile "mine" and "me"  are countered with "share" and "you" as in "Yes, you have feelings just like me".

Now we spend so much time alone in a room full of people wrapped up in our own thoughts and self importance that we forget how to act like members of society.

I am very guilty of this, at least the being in my own head. I rarely see friends, I spend a fair amount of time on a device in the presence of three other people (usually they are in the same situation as me). My attention span is short. My hands can't handle idle. My brain is craving the fix of a text, email, update.

I spend too much time with myself. It is time for an intervention.

My kids are better because I actually care about them and their brains. They converse, they call people, they interact with friends and they are in the moment.

Society is really heading for a fall unless we figure out how to control our impulses and our addictions. I have no solution other than fixing myself.

 Here I go...

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