Thursday, February 6, 2014

Whatever: The list check in

So far, February has been so much better than January. No snow (I hate snow), no missed school, no sickness and I have finally gotten my tooth started. Implant in in the 4 month wait for the graft to take and then I get my real front tooth! 
The girls and I worked on storage solutions for their rooms. Ellie is actually almost keeping hers clean. Almost. I am in need of a deep house clean (this weekend, maybe) and we are all ready for Spring. 
Thank goodness January is over!
2014 Edition of *The List*
  • Make more lists (home, exercise, kids, etc.): Better. I have been better
  • Read more books :reading #6 !
  • Eat less sugar: snow storm ruined this, but I have been better this week!
  • Find a new activity: Looking
  • Plan for workouts:This is better. I printed what I want to do and with the exception of this week, have been successful.
  • Paint the shed: Too cold!
  • Spend more time with my friends: Went to dinner with four the other night!
  • Watch more tv- I am so out of the pop culture loop! :Sherlock, Downtown, Goldbergs, Modern Family and Carrie Diaries.
  • Find a church that works for us all: not yet...
  • Find a cause other than my children :Food bank
  • Organize my office: Sorta have done this. Removed a piece of furniture and got rid of the piles on the floor
  • Organize my attic/crawl space: not at all!
  • Organize my holiday crap stuff : Got rid of some, not really organized
  • De-scary my basement:Started on this...long road
  • Go hear more music Jake Bugg with the girls!
  • Finish the crafts I promised last year (remember that 5 person crafty thing...well, I never finished it!) :NOPE
  • Go see my sister in Ohio (after the state thaws):Too cold!
  • Less technology, more conversations :Working on this. I have been leaving phone in purse at home
  • More family activities, together, with no complaining (Hello! I am such a whiner!) : Not yet.
  • Keep our saturday trail running dates :Too cold
  • Finish the backyard project- it's a freaking mess! Too Cold!
  • Plant a tree :Too Cold (pattern here!)
  • Learn to make bread : Made biscuits.
  •  Finish the freaking painting (I freaking hate freaking painting freaking trim in my freaking house): Nope
  • Save more $ than I did last year : Working on this. We started the Dave Ramsey series at a local church. So far so good.
  • Take my kids on more dates;  Nashville
  • Spend more fun time with Steve doing new, fun things: Not yet...going next week to ball.
  • Go get real glasses (I have been wearing the drug store reading glasses and I love them!) Amazing how much faster I read now that I can see!:  Hahahaha
  • Spend more time with my sisters: not yet
  • Create something:Working on it.
  • Eat more goat cheese; None at all this year!
  • Start running again...GRRR!: Too cold

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  1. Ooo, Tanya, I like your list...and mostly, I love your updates on it! This helps me to remember that we are all works in progress, and it takes time and effort and sometimes baby steps to get where we want to go! I enjoyed reading your Jake Bugg gave your kids the coolest names EVER. :)

    Following on G+!