Monday, February 10, 2014

Whatever: My drug addled weekend.

I had my implant done this week. And of course all the jokes that went along with 'implant" were hilarious.

Social Media...I totally soft balled that out there to you! If implant were plural there would be photos.
I am such a light weight when it comes to medications. I rarely even take Advil. So, when I took horse pill ibuprofen and pain meds, the gas and an IV I was a goner. Friday, I was still loopy.

Watching The Olympics and laundry were all I did this weekend.. I love watching really talented athletes doing things that I would NEVER try. Not even on a dare. Pretty much the entire winter Olympics are like watching a documentary on Saturn. Fascinating and foreign. Summer Olympics are more understandable  for me. I have ran, swam and played a few games of soccer/softball/kickball.I can sympathize with the marathoner with the cramp (not the time, just the cramp). Winter Olympics are completely foreign sports.  Okay, if they had a bunny slope competition, I'd be nodding my head in agreement during the commentary. Otherwise it is like visiting a foreign planet.

Delaney was at the University of Georgia all weekend at Model UN. She loves all the preparation for committee that goes into Model UN. Her crew got Switzerland, which they were a little bummed about. They wanted North Korea so they could act like brats. So, she has amazed us with fun facts about Switzerland for the last few week. I think the reason she loves it is all the intrigue that goes on between all the delegations. Notes passed, alliances made etc. I love that she has found her crew and it is nerdy.

Ellie spent the weekend avoiding cleaning her room. Amazing how badly she needed a shower, a snack, to paint her fingernails, and read for school. Literally took her two hours to take the sheets off her bed.  She and Steve bonded over learning to groom our schnauzer. I pity the poor schnauzer.

Steve and I puttered around. I was in a fugue from my meds and he spent the weekend outside burning things. Except to go eat Friday night at Taqueria Jalisco (soft food) and to pick up Ellie from Bruiser Bash, I have not left the house. My face looks like a character from Whoville, minus the cool hair.

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