Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Whatever: Being cooler than your kids

I just read a funny article on Huffington featured tweets where teens gave examples of their parents being cooler than them. Such things as meeting the Beatles, going out every weekend and having better taste in music.

So funny, especially since I have cool parents and thus the bar is pretty high to be cool. I mean, my dad was in a Austin, TEXAS for Pete's sake. Seriously.

  (He knew these guys...look them up.)

My oldest and I were comparing twitter followers (I have two more than she). Literally, I figured twitter out like five minutes ago as part of my job. My work account has more followers as that is where I put my focus. Few of my real world friends are on twitter. Which I find so odd. Steve calls me an early adopter. Most of her twitter followers are her friends. #cooler.

I don't know about the early adopter. I hated texting and had to have my then 15 year old nephew teach me how to add punctuation. I was late in the game to Facebook. But, once on board, I have embraced all social media wholeheartedly.

 I do love that my kids are older and we can share things that we enjoy. Music, current events and social media are just a few examples. The Boomers had the first music festivals, but we have more and a lot more ease and variety of choices.  Apple and the rest of the internet made finding music you like simple. I kind of miss having friends share music with me by making tapes, though. Now it is a cool currency.

I doubt that I am cooler than my kids. I just have a head start, just like my parents did. 

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  1. Mixtapes! I hate our girls won't know the joy of planning that perfect 45 minutes per side mixtape! Making sure the transitions were smooth and tempo flowed, paying careful attention to the audience of the tape. Man, I was a mixtape MASTER!