Monday, February 17, 2014

Cooking: Southern as we wanna be

New week. New weather. That is what I love about the south. If you don't like the weather...wait.


This past week, we had between 5-7 inches of snow, sleet, rain and ended it with 65 degrees and perfect blue skies. I was outside as much as possible and ran 3.2 miles in 21 minutes just to celebrate. Literally raced around the neighborhood.

This week is a stationary week for me. My team is out of town getting smarter about real estate and SEO. I am here watching videos on being a better administrative assistant/ SEO guru. I would love to be in Phoenix with them. Hot weather is what I love.

This week we are eating different. I have been in  rut and I am ready to get out of it. This weekend, we ate lobster, filet and eggplant Parmesan for one dinner. Roast chicken, roasted veggies, kale and onion pie for another. And lemon pudding cake which is magic. Magic, in that you throw it all in the pan and it separates and becomes...pudding and cake.

Casa Swann Presidents Gotta Eat Menu
Salmon burgers/ zucchini fries/baked beans
Stuffed peppers with kale and quinoa/Italian sausage
Baked honey mustard fish/sweet potato fries/ oven fried okra
church meal 


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