Friday, February 7, 2014

Whatever: Fun times with Jake Bugg

Last September, I bought tickets to give to the girls for Christmas to see a concert in February.

Talk about delayed gratification, for me at least. Just the three of us went, stayed in a hotel, ate dinner at one of the hottest places in town and had a blast!

Getting ready...

We went to Nashville to the Mother Church to see Jake Bugg,  a musician that Delaney has been into for awhile. He was supposed to play in Atlanta in October last year, but the show was canceled. Instead, I surprised them with tickets to see him at The Ryman. I like the Ryman, but it is not like other concert venues he girls have been to and I was unsure whether or not it would be good.

I had no reason to worry. It was great. If you have not heard of Jake Bugg, you will soon. He is 19 and an amazing musician. He put on a great show that was all about the music, which is what the Ryman is all about. His voice is so unique that it is hard to describe. An acoustic song he sang in the middle of the show almost brought me to tears. Cheesy, but true. Beautiful and haunting. I am so uncool.

Our seats were front row balcony and we could see everything. Every single thing going on. A bit distracting, but a really great view. The second opening band was Ellie's new love The Weeks and they were good. Rocking and skinny with long hair, we joked that the advertisement for the band was skinny white guy with long hair. We listened to them all the way home.

The night was fun because I got to see my hometown through the eyes of my kids. We parked really close in a bizarre garage that was made for tiny cars (we were in Steve's truck) and walked the  block to the Ryman.

The girls got to see "Music City" is all it's loud, neon glory. My favorite part however, was watching them fall in love with the music. They were so into it. Both girls were amazed there were teenagers at the show (I guess they always are with us?) The glow was there, the look of starstruck love. She knew all the words to all the songs and Jake did not disappoint. Afterward, Delaney said "This was the best concert ever." High praise.

*This is Delaney's favorite song he sings...

**This is from the show...when I almost cried. Again, I am so uncool.

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