Monday, February 10, 2014

Cooking: Valentine menu and my mission

I am surrounded in my life by amazing cooks. Both of my sisters and I took turns as teenagers making dinner three nights a week. We are all great cooks. Most of my girlfriends are amazing cooks and make dinner almost every single night for their families. Including the ones that work or used to work. Dinner at home is a priority.

I feel very blessed to know women, who like me, feed their families out of love and also out of duty. Our duty as moms to feel and nourish our kids (and husbands) often gets excused away. But we are important. Very important in the continuation of the human race, not only through sustenance, but also through culture, education and the instilling of values. All are found in the kitchen and around the family table.

I am a feminist. I also believe that women are not the same as men. Our skill set is very valuable in the boardroom and the family dining room. Men can produce the same meals, but it comes from a different place.

I am proud of the fact that despite the whining and the complaining (all on my part) dinner is served usually 6 nights a week at my kitchen table to my family.


Casa Swann's Valentine Menu
Indian tiki masala/ spinach with paneer cheese/ rice and Naan
Kale pasta salad ala Meg/ baked chicken breasts/ salmon burger (me)
Heuvos Rancheros with chorizo 
dinner from the church
Salmon tacos or pizza...Valentine's choice

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