Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dirt: I heart cheese

I love the cheese of Valentines Day. The elementary school kind. Hokey jokes, candy hearts, platonic love and crushing on the cute boy that you have your eye on.I love that my husband and I buy each other useful gifts (coffee, gum and a dark chocolate bar) and share our love via movie quotes on social media.

This year, I made a playlist for Steve on Spotify (he keeps calling it a mix tape) and he bought the Earthfare special of two steaks and two lobster tails for $9. We shared with Ellie and then went to look at famous folk art at the hot dog restaurant. My two besties showed up and I got all the platonic love I could soak up.


Between the boy that loves  me despite my snaggle tooth and my 42 year old acne, my daughters who call me "momma" and "mommy" and tell me daily that they love me, and my two best friends who weekly share their lives with me... I am a lucky Valentine.

Hope yours was fabulous as well.
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