Sunday, January 19, 2014

Whatever: Stitchfix January Review

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My cutie pie Ellie is attending Junior Cotillion this month and is having a blast. She is so darn cute I want to cry. Also, she is as tall as I am now. And has better hair.

I am volunteering as a chaperone. Which is hilarious. For so many reasons.
Today, since I was dressed and already had on pantyhose and shoes, I thought I would take some photos of my latest Stitchfix shipment.

Stitchfix is my newest favorite thing. I hate going shopping, mostly because I hate trying on clothes. Also,  I am 42 and don't want to dress like a matron OR a teenager. So, when I read about Stitchfix on LifeinGrace, I signed right up. The process is easy and fun.  You fill out a survey about yourself and let them know a little about what you like. Also, you can link your Pinterest style board for reference.

 Last month I got great things that I loved, but were not quite right in the fit department, mostly because I am apparently built like a miniature linebacker.

I got my second "fix" this past week. Lovely presentation. Really, really great presentation. The  box alone makes me want to continue getting shipments. Here is what I received:

 Charcoal dress with dots:

 This was a great fabric and had it either been #1 shorter or #2 not pleated on the sides (which accented my "problem area" aka saddlebags"), I might have considered it. Also, it was a little big.

 Jewel tone chevron dress/tunic: 

 This I really liked.  Except that I could  not raise my arms higher than my waist. The fabric was one that I could have carried on into spring with cute sandals, but it was so tight across my shoulders I could barely get it on and off. Sadly, it went back.

Always with the closed eyes
My photographer was coaching me...
 *I know these next two things DO NOT go together, but they were both so horrible, I wanted to get it over at once.

Knit top with thumb holes and geometric pants:

Blue Steel

These pants had the "tummy panel" but it was across my pelvis. Also, see that bunching around my knees? So, so pretty. They were a stretch fabric...?  I like tighter pants, as I am short (5'5") but these were kind of a a joke with my body type. Also, notice the bra showing with that lovely top? Well, I had pulled it WAY up. Not pretty at all. I loathe this type of fabric which I associate with clothing that comes from CATO (only southerners may get this reference). Horrible.

Hot pink cardigan sweater:

 This is really cute and not as neon as it looks in this photo. I kept it and am currently wearing it. Cozy and while not really something I needed, I decided it would stay since with my referral (thank you whoever you are! ) it was $23. And it goes with my concert tees.

 While I did not hit a home run this time, all in all, I still recommend this service. I went back and tweaked my profile a bit. I think boutique brands run smaller and so I probably wear a bigger size.  I am tricky due to my weird build and random style. According to my profile, I am preppy and bohemian. I call it Heppie or Prippie.  AND, I am going to create a better board on Pinterest.
I look forward to my next fix February 14th.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post; I have paid for these clothes on my own and have not been given compensation for a review. However, this post does contain referral links for new sign-ups that give me a little credit towards my next box. 


  1. Thanks so much. I like to document the (sometimes) train wreck.