Saturday, December 21, 2013

Whatever: Stitch Fix Experience

Several of you have asked about my Stitch Fix and I finally have a few minutes to sit down and share my first experience.
First let me say that the concept is wonderful.
No stores, no lines and the dressing room is your room. The items sent you are in style (which is key for a 42 year old woman) and they are tweaked to your requests.

My box arrived and was sitting outside as my husband had no clue what it was. Since  I LOVE opening packages, I was a little too excited and forgot to take a photo of it before it was opened. Sorry. My hands were literally shaking.

Once opened, the presentation was flawless. Simple, clean lined and detailed. 
The design on the inside of the box set the tone for the whole experience. Kudos design team!
I am a sucker for aqua and geometric, so I was hooked.

Inside, I found a "letter" from my stylist complete with instructions and visual how-to's for the clothes I received.  You know I love a list!

One of my biggest issues is "putting things together". I am terrible at accessorizing. If it looks good, I will never deviate from that specific outfit. Not really an issue since  I have about 10 things in my closet.  I truly appreciated the instructions.
I had been at work and just happened to have tights and boots on, so the first thing I tried on was this great dress. I absolutely loved it. Perfect for work and going out. Sadly, it was too tight across the shoulders and back. The details on it were absolutely my style. A little retro, a lot versatile and very flattering.

Delaney tried it on, and of course it fit her perfectly.

The rest of the box was just as cute. Despite the whole chevron trend here in the south and my love of geometric and stripes, I have not owned one thing chevron. So, this is what I kept. Delaney informed me "chevron is over". All the more reason to keep this cute top.
A little snug across the shoulders, but not enough to make me want to send it back. I wore it yesterday with mustard colored cords and cowboy boots. Got stopped on the street and told how cute I looked. BONUS!

The second blouse was not something I would have ever, ever picked out. However, on it was very flattering and my husband said " really cool". Reminded me of my hippie days (I somehow have sense of style that is hippie/preppie?) Unfortunately it was too small in the shoulders. I wonder where Ellie gets it?

 I had specifically asked for work attire and jeans. I have a hard time with jeans, and I love skinny or straight leg jeans. The jeans were so darn comfortable that I almost cried sending them back. 
They were so soft, did not give me muffin top or show my crack. The color was a very soft gray, which is something that I have been looking for to wear with boots and flats to work. 
However, in the thigh region they were too tight. 

Better representation of the color

I could not justify keeping the very soft and cute infinity scarf since I have several dark scarves. Had it been a lighter color, it too would have stayed.

Had I bought the entire collection (which I would have had they fit) I would have spent less than $250. A bargain, I think. As it was, with my $20 fee removed and $5 of a referral (for some reason I did not get the entire $25, which I intend to take up with their customer service) , my top was $33. The box included an envelope with prepaid shipping, so the other four items went back.

I tweaked my profile a little and send a message to my stylist(s) saying that I have wider shoulders and athletic thighs. My next  "fix" is coming mid January. Stay tuned to see what comes!

I really recommend this, especially if you are like me and are not a huge shopper. My job, kids and wife duties take top billing over shopping. The items are a little higher priced than if you hunted them down, but the perk of not having to is worth the slight mark up.
If you are interested in joining me in this great experience, 
Click this link!

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