Monday, January 20, 2014

Cooking: Would you rather be a Bruiser or a Honey Bear?

This weekend was dedicated to my sweet baby girl. Between her middle school swim team championship and Junior Cotillion, I spent most of the weekend focused on her. She rarely is in the spotlight due to her sister being such a spotlight hog, so I hope she enjoyed the attention. She had two PRs and climbed about 12 spots in ranking in both events. Also, a little fire got lit. We are thrilled. Also, for the fifth year in a row, GPS dominated. GO BRUISERS!

This week, we have a dual meet on Tuesday with another Tennessee girl's school and in typical southern girl style, we feed the visiting team after the meet. Love that I will get to see both my girls swim at a girls only meet. Both of their teams are undefeated and this is a big rivalry. So it should be fun.

Casa Swann It's All About the GIRLS! Menu
  • Steak salad/rosemary potatoes (regular salad for me)
  • BRUISERS VS HONEYBEARS meet and dinner
  • Quinoa soup/salmon burgers
  • Garlic shrimp/ spaghetti squash 
  • Tacos

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