Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dirt: I want a new list...

Because I write for two blogs for my job, I have had a hard time finding the time for my own...
That has made me a little sad. 

I thought back on the reason I started this blog. I started it to share my life thoughts and to keep track of making myself a better person. A little "putting myself out there for the world to hold me accountable" if you will. Recently, I went back and reread some of my old posts and I was a little awed. My writing is decent and I actually had a plan that I have brought to fruition. 
So...not like me.

One thing I really did like was my list and if going to work full time has taught me anything it is that I need a list. A real list. Not only of my daily to-dos, but also of my long term goals. Since I don't really believe in "New Years Resolutions" I thought it might be good to start a new list  now. Before the holiday hubbub and insanity has a chance to set in,while my mind is clear and I have a few seconds. 

So, on that note, here is the NEW list.

  1. Use my phone less when I am with my family
  2. Make one room a priority each day
  3. Take my children to church more often
  4. Talk to my five every week (I actually have 6, but I think the commercial is 5)
  5. Work out five times a week 
  6. Clean out my closet and really purge
  7. clean out Steve's closet and really purge
  8. Take each of my daughters on a date once a month
  9. Continue my trail run date with Steve (I love this)
  10. Write one handwritten card once a week
  11. Make 10 new friends in 2014
  12. Make a gingerbread house with my girls. A real one. A HUGE one.
  13. Talk to my parents more often (texting does not count0
  14. Make time for my favorite people
  15. Watch more television ( I literally watch 1  hour a week...I am so out of the loop)
  16. Spend less time on my computer when I am not working
  17. Finish the damn outside project I started in May BEFORE Christmas
  18. East more protien
  19. Connect with my two nephews that I have lost a connection with
  20. take my vitamins
  21. Craft more with my daughters
  22. Paint my bedroom
  23. figure out how to use a saw so I can build the outside table I want
  24. Read more books 
  25.  volunteer for something and stick with it...
  26. Spend more time with my sisters...


  1. I may copy your exact to do list down to the letter, except for #15, I think I'll change that to watch LESS TV (I think I've really really started watching too much TV). Hope you are loving your job!

  2. HAHA...And I probably won't trail run with Steve but hopefully Tom and I can start going to the gym together (since I bought the family plan)...LOVE YOU:)