Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cooking: Thanksgiving and other foodie events.

Onto happier, non soap box thoughts. 

This week, I am working three days then off to North Carolina for our family Thanksgiving. 
Today, however, I am heading out for the last day of the Chattanooga Market and my dear friend,
 Paul Smith's last day of running it as operations manager.

Big shout out to Paul Smith for 6 awesome years of GREAT Sunday's! 
This week, Casa Swann is living the foodie life of Riley.

We are gearing up for Thanksgiving feast at our foodie brother-in-law's house in Asheville.
Wednesday, we are continuing our new tradition of Alleia's family dinner, which is heaven.

Come Friday, I may be only wearing elastic waist pants.


Casa Swann's Thanksgiving Menu
  • tonight: homemade acorn/butternut squash jerk soup/ sauteed chicken tenders
  • Thai shrimp soup
  • Alleia! 
  • Turkey Day

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