Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cooking: Organized

I spent this weekend doing things that have needed to be done around my house.
I am in the throes of it right now, but am taking a break to eat some lunch and make my menu for the week. I have already done all my laundry and put most of it away, swept and mopped floors, cleaned my bathroom, hung new curtains in my living room, made homemade chicken soup for my girls, taken them to see Thor, gone to get supplies for a science project and cleaned out all the drawers in my kitchen. BOOM!

My last check off is my front porch and my closet. 

This week, I hope to be a little more organized.
Here is the menu to prove it.

Menu of November Organization

  • Spaghizza, mixed greens salad
  • Baked chicken, cheese baked sweet potatoes, salad
  • Tomato soup with meatballs (we will finally eat this)
  • Shrimp fried rice
  •  Tacos, taco salad or pile-on (Texas term)

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