Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gratituesday: Thanksgiving

This week, people will be gathering around tables to give thanks for their many blessings.
Mine are too many to count and I always feel put on the spot when it comes to the round table thanks.

My friend posted on Facebook at the beginning of the month "What if you only woke up with the things you had been grateful for the day before...?" WHOA! 

The post was a reminder to be thankful for the big things, family, health and pets, in my case. 
I often play the house on fire game. You know, what would I grab if my house was on fire...?
Family and pets. 
Not wedding photos or family heirlooms. 
My kids, husband and pets. 

So...while I am truly grateful for lots of wonderful blessings that I enjoy, today I am grateful for these specific things in my life, which I would save from a fire, which I would be devastated to wake up without tomorrow, which I am truly grateful.
  • Steve (who sends me amazing pictures like this one...funny and goats)
  • Delaney and Ellie and their wonderful hilarious selves
  • Jake, Maybelle and the odd couple, Hagrid and Charlie
  • My wonderful parents who support and love me 
  • Steve's parents,who are awesome grandparents
  • My amazing sisters who are my rocks and keep me sane (and sometimes insane)
  • My brother, brother-in-laws (3) and sweet sister in law
  • My eight nephews and three nieces
  • My Uncles and Aunts, who are indeed amazing

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