Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dirt: I (almost) hate Christmas

As I sat and watched t.v. with my husband tonight, we both lamented how much we hate holiday commercials. The "Kiss begins..." one is especially bad.
Here it is the middle of November (I am in denial that Thanksgiving is 9 days away) and already we are bombarded by holiday cheer.

I hate it. 

Not the holiday part of it. The commercial...gobble, gobble...Pac Man attitude. You know, that MORE, MORE attitude. My memories of the holidays as a kid were Thanksgiving then a very long time passed and Christmas. I realize my childhood memories are skewed. But still. Christmas is a long time away.

I am reveling in the nowness of my life and trying to ignore the giant tree lot that popped up today in the parking lot next to my work. And remember that I love Thanksgiving. Especially the pie. 

I love spending time with whatever part of my family I am with. I love shooting guns and playing cut throat whatever. I love the holiday about eating too much and being Thankful for that option.

I am heartbroken that people will be shopping on Thanksgiving. That they will willingly leave their families and cause others to do so as well so that they can buy MORE. 

I love presents, don't get me wrong. I covet a pair of harness boots and a monogrammed mug. 
But I really love that peaceful feeling of falling asleep in front of a movie with my family nearby. 

I encourage everyone to boycott the MORE and enjoy what you have. Family members, friends and most of all pie.

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