Thursday, April 17, 2014

The List: April

I am getting so bad about blogging. Work and kids eat up most of my creative juices. However, the light is back and so I hope to continue with my beloved rambling blog.

My dad came Sunday and helped with some repairs and hopefully will be back in a week or two. I look forward to helping repay him by tearing stuff up at this farm. Being outside right now is a precious commodity and I don't get enough of it.

My house is always on the bottom of my lists. Hanging out with Steve and the kids is taking higher priority. So, my windows are grody, my deck needs painting, my floors are sticky, but I am hanging out with my family in the little free time I get.

Trade off? You bet! Worth it?  You bet!

The List: April Edition.

  • Make more lists (home, exercise, kids, etc.) Better (ish)
  • Read more books I have read about twenty this year. Pretty good. Reading Anna Karenina right now. 
  • Eat less sugar HAHAHA!
  • Find a new activity Still looking.
  • Plan for workouts Four days a week.Almost every week this month. Even if it is just air squats.
  • Paint the shed Too cold
  • Spend more time with my friends This month has been a bust.
  • Watch more tv- I am so out of the pop culture loop! Game of Thrones.
  • Find a church that works for us all Still  looking
  • Find a cause other than my children Better...
  • Organize my office HAHAHAH
  • Organize my attic/crawl space Tomorrow I am looking for Easter decor...maybe then?
  • Organize my holiday crap stuff Nope
  • De-scary my basement No!
  • Go hear more music GLove next week, Avett Brothers next month
  • Finish the crafts I promised last year (remember that 5 person crafty thing...well, I never finished it!) NOPE
  • Go see my sister in Ohio (after the state thaws) It's still frozen
  • Less technology, more conversations Amazingly better.
  • More family activities, together, with no complaining (Hello! I am such a whiner!)Hike
  • Keep our saturday trail running dates Been once, LAX is almost over
  • Finish the backyard project- it's a freaking mess! Still mess
  • Plant a tree Too early
  • Learn to make bread Tried a few times
  •  Finish the freaking painting (I freaking hate freaking painting freaking trim in my freaking house) Not even a  speck
  • Save more $ than I did last yearOn my way!
  • Take my kids on more dates. Shopping counts, right?
  • Spend more fun time with Steve doing new, fun things . Next week music!
  • Go get real glasses (I have been wearing the drug store reading glasses and I love them!) Amazing how much faster I read now that I can see! Not yet.
  • Spend more time with my sisters Dying to do this
  • Create something  Made dinner...
  • Eat more goat cheese I have a new love...
  • Start running again...GRRR!Three times last week! 

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