Monday, November 10, 2014

Cooking: Easy Peasy and Some Bragging

These are some pictures from a hike that was recently taken. Yes, the dog climbs ladders. If you have met our dog, you know he is a freak. The fall here in Chattanooga is absolutely glorious this year. These were taken two weeks ago and now the colors are amazing!

The coolest thing about these pictures is that they were taken by my 13 year old artist. She took over 300 shots, a few are blurry, most are really great. She has such an eye for space and setting. I could not be more proud of her.My husband and she went hiking and he suggested she borrow my camera. She is a very conscientious person when it comes to art and supplies, so I knew she would be fine with it. 

Daddy took one as well

This week is an easy week for us. No meets, no regattas....only practices and rehearsals (3 nights). I am at 90% breathing now and just finished a very short run. Hooray! We have two days of glorious weather and then the Polar Vortex is predicting snow for the higher elevations. BOO! Lots of soup.

Easy Peasy Mom can Breathey Week! 

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