Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dirt:Poor Little Me

I have a confession to make. I sat in bed last week and cried my eyes out. I was sharing with my husband how lonely I am. Truly lonely. Like when I moved to town and had no friends. This was a hard burden to share.  After all, it is one of my own creation.

The truth is, my life revolves and has for some time around my girls. Friends were made with them as the common link. Now, everyone, including me is busy with teenagers and helicoptering.  We are getting them out the door and ready to leave the nest, leaving little time for ourselves. Most of my girlfriends are in the same boat, I think. Or maybe it is just me.

I have a solitary job. I have solitary hobbies and I am turning into a solitary person. I am reverting to my natural introverted self and it is depressing.  The solitary life  burden bore the proverbial straw the other night with an offhand comment by my husband, meant to be funny.

I am swimming in self pity right now and it is starting to feel pretty selfish. Getting it out of the darkness of my interior conversations and into the light felt pretty good.

What am I to do?

Not really sure. Poor me.

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  1. Wish we lived in closer proximity. I feel exactly the same way with a 2 year old. And I think we are alike in the fact that it is so discombobulating because we are just accustomed to be surrounded by really fantastic friends. Call me anytime and we'll tell stupid stories and have a virtual girls night.