Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cooking: Still in Pjs!

Oh yes! Stayed in PJ's until 7 pm yesterday! Then I took a shower and put a fresh pair on! Not a step outside and not a brush to my hair.

I went through all of the upstairs closets yesterday. And the game cabinet. And the linen closet. 6 garbage bags later, I am feeling a little better. Today, I hit the office, downstairs linen closet and the kitchen.

I am so tired of my house being a wreck because no one can put their crap away. So, I am decrapping the house. I plan on donating all our crap to Teen Challenge  ( I know someone who went through their program and it worked) and calling it a day.

Still coughing like a lunatic, so I am in a hybrid of workout pants and pjs. Ellie and Steve went hiking and though I wanted to go, I knew that I would never kick this cough if I did not stay home. I will however, venture out to return something and get some groceries. People have to eat!

I have two inspirations this week for food. Dinner A Love Story is always my go to blog and cookbook for recipes that work. If you have not read that blog, go now. If you don't have the first book, get it now. I am asking for the second for Christmas.  The second inspiration is a book I just read (The Quaker Cafe). The book itself was a step above beach read in topic, but about that heavy.  However, one of the characters eats a sweet potato every day because she thinks it is better than an apple a day for health. I plan on roasting a few and taking them to work.

This week is not different than any other. Swim meet, math competition, choir rehearsal and work. Just like all the other working parents and kids in the country, we are all over the place.  I hope you are bundled up and enjoying the sunshine.

This dog is glad it is November...not so hot!

Casa Swann Happy November Menu

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