Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Exercising: A new pain

My husband politely told me yesterday that I am getting a hump.

No... he did not use the word "HUMP". 

He said " You have got to do those exercises that I told you to do,your posture is getting bad."
Which I heard as, " You are going to be the old lady bent at a 90 degree angle going to get communion,but you are going to be 40, instead of 90".

So, I got up this morning and  ignored him did the exercises (or what I think he told me to do, I actually don't remember what he told me to do). But since he is an expert (Chiropractor) and since I am vain (at least about looking old), I listened. 

What is it about "old" that makes us get up off our duffs and move/run/bike/eat better? I am not afraid of aging, but I DO NOT want to look "old" .  I know what I have to do to keep my youthfulness. Eat right (no sugar, no dairy, no beer). Exercise. Take my vitamins. Use sunscreen. And for the most part I do these things....

Who am I kidding!? 

I love SUGAR!!! I love CHEESE!!! I am in an exercise rut, I remember my vitamins about every third week, I wear sunscreen at the pool, not when I am outside in general. And I apparently, am growing a hump.Nice.

I blame the computer for my hump. I have horrible posture in general and the computer turns me into a mouth breather. But my life line  business is 50% on the computer and I recently built a website.  I don't watch tv, but read blogs instead.  I need to get a life. 

My life is one thing after another of  "can't do that anymore" and "no more fun!"

 Already, I have already:
  • relegated cheese to the weekend  
  • cut back on the sugar in the house
  • stopped drinking beer
  • have been wearing sunscreen on my face in the morning 
  • tried to always have a goal I am exercising for, be it a race, a skill, etc.
Now I need to reduce my risk of humpback. So, I am setting the timer and practicing what I preach (to my children and husband) about limited technology use. I am not one bit excited about it. I love my digital drug.

But it is nice to have a new threat to use against my children. Instead of "You'll go blind sitting that close" it's now "You'll have a nice hump, Quasimodo!"


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