Thursday, March 24, 2011

Food: The best sandwich in the entire world

I am not a huge fan of the sandwich. I have issues. I don't like wet bread. I don't like to chew things for a long time. Bread has to be toasted or really hearty for me to even consider it for a sandwich. The ingredients need to be "special" not just your usual ham and cheese.

Basically, I am high maintenance. (My sisters are mentally high five-ing each other and my husband right now.)

However, I do love a grouper sandwich. I ALWAYS get one when we go to the beach. They come on nice po' boy bread and I eat the first half of the sandwich with bread, the second half without.I love them and have had them in every beach town I have visited as an adult. The very best are at The Seagrove Market in Seagrove, FL. I love them so much, I bought a vanity plate from the market and have it on my car. That is love, my friends.

Saturday, we were wandering around The Earthfare trying to decide what we wanted to eat and my genius husband said, "How about some kind of fish sandwich with some slaw?" Grouper is nowhere to be found these days since the ban on fishing them was enacted a year ago, so we got salmon instead. Now, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that if you have never tried salmon tacos, you are missing out!!! But I digress.

So, we got home and I made the best slaw ever (vinegar, no mayo). We ate about a pound of lobster dip, drank a bottle of wine and decided we were too full for dinner.

SUNDAY- We finally got around to addressing the salmon. My husband is a genius with marinades and so he fancied up that salmon with some Alchemy  "The Jerk" seasoning and BBQ sauce. Let it wallow around for awhile and then grilled it to medium rare perfection.

That fish  along with some lovely, hearty buns that we picked up, sliced avocado, 40 Spice hummus, and my fabulous slaw was the best sandwich we had ever, ever, ever had. Seriously. So good, that I went to the store and bought more salmon and we ate them for dinner last night. We toasted our genius in putting together such a fabulous combination of flavors and decided we need to invite our most special "foodie" friends over to have this wonderful sandwich.

Of course, we then had to decide who would be worthy of such an excellent sandwich. If you get the invite, you will know we hold you  and your palate in the highest regard.

However, we may also decide that we don't want to share (we are greedy after all).  We might just make burgers.


  1. This all sounds delicious...we need the recipes for everything. Don't be "greedy", please share. I always love to try new things.

  2. YUM!! sounds so good, you sound like you make a ton of delicious dishes around your house..I'm jealous, I struggle in the kitchen!