Monday, March 14, 2011

Food: Proud of my little Jalapenos!

We are eaters here at Casa Swann. And the reason we are CASA Swann instead of Chez, Hause, or even House of Swann is we love Mexican food. Love is not a strong enough word, actually, we are more like addicts looking for a fix. Every single time we can't decide what we want to eat, we ALWAYS eat Mexican. My daughter will come home from school and eat chips and salsa. When we travel, we seek it out, even in New York City (Rosa Mexicano is the best, by the way). For Christmas dinner,  the most traditional and sacred of all the tradition meals,we eat enchiladas.

So, yesterday as the better half  and I  were working up an appetite from working in the yard yesterday and the kids from biking and hiking around the neighborhood, we pondered on what we wanted for dinner. Something easy, good...of course, Mexican! Nachos to be exact.

We baked up a batch of yum-oh nachos with chicken and cheese for the kiddos, beans and cheese for the adult and it was go time. My favorite part of eating nachos, other than the cheese, is pickled jalepenos. I love, love, love them. And  last night, my mini-me made me so proud by putting them on her nachos. I honestly could not have been more excited, had she brought home a straight A report card. (Which, she better be doing next week.)

The reason I am so proud is this...She tried something new. Don't get me wrong, my kids are pretty adventurous. They have eaten eel, squid, and everything in between. But spicy is tough. The younger one will not eat anything spicier than a sprite. So,when the mini-me ate the jalapeno, I was ecstatic. There are so many "spicy"  and intimidating things in life and I hope both my kids get the nerve to try them from the confidence they learn sitting around the dinner table and trying new things. I am not  a bit worried about the "spice hater", she is just like her daddy, Fearless. And just like me, Sassy. The combination is a smack talking show off who does not need jalapenos to fire her up. Classic.

This week the adventure continues with the following menu:

 Garlic Shrimp Greek Salad
Brunswick Stew
Vegetarian Shepherds pie and Irish soda bread (Happy St. Paddy's Day!)
Taco night at Casa Swann!

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