Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eating...I have issues

This will be quick as I am exhausted from my return to flour and sugar, which has put me in a coma.

Clearly, I have eating issues. I love to eat. I love to eat things that make me "bigger". I don't want to be "bigger". So, I restrict my diet. 
For example,  last week, for 5 days, I ate no flour or sugar other that what I put in my coffee.
It was great! I felt amazing!
But I was hungry all week and the thing I wanted most, tacos, I could not eat because of the flour. 

So, on Saturday, we worked in the yard and were tired and cooked a frozen pizza for dinner. Slippery slope. Then I ate three hot cross buns. Then today for brunch, along with my excellent shrimp and okra salad and cheese less frittata,  I ate three of my daughter's amazing biscuits. 

Now, I feel terrible and I am on the roller coaster of recovery.

What will tomorrow bring? Hopefully, sanity in the form of eating like a normal person.

We shall see...

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