Sunday, April 10, 2011

Go play in the yard.

There is a commercial for a garden center here in town that ends by saying "Now go play in the yard!"

I spent a week inside a dimly lit gym working, and now I am supremely grateful that we have a sunny, warm day for me to periodically go outside and squint like a mole in the sunlight. I love the sun. I hate cold weather, gloomy days and the first few days of spring. I am not a fan of the 50-60 degree temperatures and the gusty wind. Or the rain and the weird, half asleep/half awake plants. 

What I do love is 80 degrees and sunny. Even 90 and partly cloudy. I love heat and a breeze. 

So, today, it is sunny and slightly breezy and 80 degrees. I am cleaning my disater of a house and periodically coming up with excuses to go outside (take out the trash, air out the rug, stand in the yard and act like I am surveying the windows for cleaning...)

My husband and oldest  are putting in our raised bed garden. My 90 pound daughter is lugging 40  pound bags of dirt like they are nothing. We went and got our usual fare to plant. Tomatoes, basil, rosemary. We have added broccoli to the mix and later this week cucumbers, beans and peppers will make their way in there as well.  Hopefully, in a few weeks, we will all be out in the yard living it up weeding and harvesting!

My youngest, who is deathly allergic to work of any kind, is out riding her scooter and jousting with sticks. Gotta love a girl who hasn't figured out that those scars are going to stick around. 

Even the dogs are getting in on the action every chance they get to run outside and lay in the sun.

We are playing in the yard.

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  1. uncanny..another post you wrote, where I feel exactly the same way..I've always wanted to do the whole raised bed gardening, but seems as though we are always moving when I need to get started on it!!