Thursday, April 21, 2011


For any of you who blog or read blogs you know that Wednesday is the day when you show everyone what you wore the past week...hence WIWW.

I love the idea of this. The point is to inspire you to actually get dressed instead of finding yourself at 5 pm in your workout clothes. Which would be fine if said person was MEGA fit and clothing was MEGA cute. Neither applies to me. However, the workout clothes at 5 pm does.
Workout clothes do not take a vacation...even on vacation!

So, the WIW intrigues me. Taking photos of myself would make me do lots of things...take a shower, put on makeup, make my bed... to start with.
Not going to happen.

I have made more of an effort not to be seen in workout clothing past lunchtime, but there are still days when I don't have time to shower/dry my hair/etc, and I eat dinner in my workout clothes. However, there is one day when I can be counted on to be up, showered, hair "done" (for me anyway), makeup on and clothing at least matching and not made of wicking fabric. That is Sunday. Now, I am Catholic and so heels and a hat are way out of the question. But, I do dress better. My rule for church for myself and my girls is "no jeans". That is about my only rule.

This Sunday is Easter and gone are the days when we go and buy "Easter Dresses" and new shiny white shoes. I bought my girls a new dress until they were about five, then I realized that it was pointless. The oldest cried and flew into a rage when I mentioned "dress" and the little one lived in dresses, so she had plenty. Now they are older and one dresses with "style" and the other is "off" regular bathing so my battles are elsewhere.
Easter 2010

But, I do feel that Easter needs to be more special than  a regular "no jeans" Sunday. So, I am pondering what to do.  I for one love getting dressed up, but never seem to have  an occasion that warrants it. Easter, and all it's significance seems like the perfect time.

Do any of you buy an Easter Outfit?

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  1. Just for the record...NOT a single one of us got a new anything for Easter. In fact, I and my husband both wore what we wore last year on Easter. (I mixed it up with a new belt, shoes, and jewelry. Both girls wore something from their closet and we were the greenist family in church. Well...probably not, but we felt like we were!