Monday, March 12, 2012

Cooking: It's almost spring!

Oh my...I love spring! Actually, I don't love the season. Spring is unpredictable and full of storms and rain. I prefer hot weather and Spring is tepid at best. I realize I am the only person in the United States that does not love spring with all my heart. I also am  not a fan of fall.
There I said it! Except for SEC football, I don't find anything redeeming about it either.
What I DO love is spring foods. 
Greens are coming back, avocados are basically free, and mushrooms are everywhere.

This week, I am getting ready for spring  with a little lighter fare and going back to a real exercise routine. That is code for shorts are just around the corner and I have a little too much junk in my trunk.
Spring has sprung menu Casa Swann style
Deer tenderloin with mushrooms, roasted cauliflower, and zuchini
Baked chicken, mac and cheese, salad
Crockpot vegetarian lasagna
Tuscan white bean and spinach soup

I will also be eating a mixed green, almond and tomato salad pretty much every day for lunch. YUM!

I will also be seeing these fellas this week...I am so excited!

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