Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gratituesday: (Wonder) woman

I am a part owner in a really great business.
Lots of things are truly great about owning a consignment business. The environment, the community, other mothers, my pocketbook, my kid's closets all benefit from our semi-annual sale.

And, while all these reasons are viable reasons to continue into what is our 9th year in existence, there is one true reason I continue.

That is my partner and dear best friend. 

I have written about her before and she is a rock. She has faced many  personal challenges, all with grace and apparently endless patience. I sometimes think she is medicated, she is so calm.

But I know she had a great upbringing, meaning she comes from good people, who value grace, manners and loyalty. She has all of these to spare.

As our friendship enters 13 years, I look back on what I like the most about my friend and it is this:She always surprises me. She is funny, irreverent, creative and very intelligent. Her family and friends are her dearest possessions, even though she has been blessed with many material ones. She has a great poker face and is always up for fun, including running races in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night dressed like Wonder Woman (jealous of the creative mind that came  up with that!) She remembers all the important things in other people's lives and celebrates them with gusto. Her husband is one lucky fellow, let me tell ya. She is truly great.

So after spending nearly every waking moment with each other for two weeks, twice a year for the past eight years, it is a wonder she still speaks to me, much less wants to partner up with me in business.

I cannot fathom dealing with my flakiness, maddening forgetfulness and utter stubbornness willingly after all these years (unless you are related or married to me.)
Yet, she does and makes me feel like she likes doing it. 
Like I said, P-p-p Poker Face ( I think Gaga has met her).

  So, on this Tuesday after we have put our sale to bed, I am grateful for the opportunity to be friends, business partners, and part time soul mates with this truly amazing  (Wonder)woman.

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