Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gratituesday: Crockpot crackpot

I am a vegetarian living in a carnivore house.
My family is the biggest bunch of meat eaters you have met. 
Steak and pork are my baby's favorites, while my husband and oldest love "yard bird".

I personally do not even like to touch it. Weird, considering I grew up in the meat eating capital of the United States...Texas!

So, even though I hate to mess with it, I still cook meat. And, I get rave reviews, which I have always suspected was my family being nice. However, I had the kings of carnivorous eating at my house. My nephews who are actually grown men, were here for a weekend of hang gliding, rock climbing and war movie watching (we watched three!). And eating.

So, I did what I have been doing a lot lately. I dug out the old crock pot. Now, my crock pot is not one of these new fancy stainless steel cuties. No, she is circa 1989 green with grapes and grapevines,no less. She is like your friend that still gets perms. Hardworking, but really kinda out of style. I got her at a yard sale about 12 years ago and she is worth every penny of the $4 I paid for her.
 I have used her a lot lately, now that I am working. I make all manners of things...soup, meat, lasagna and more. Easy and healthy.


So, when the carni folk were here with healthy appetites, I filled up my crock pot in the morning and off we went. We had a day of fun and a dinner ready and fit for the heartiest of eaters. The men and their sister, loved it by the way and compliments and seconds were proof!

I am so grateful to be able to feed my family healthy meals all week long. And lately, I am truly grateful for my crock pot!

And here is the recipe I made for my family.
I tripled it and made enough for 7 with lots of leftovers (one more meal for 4)
AND added 1 tsp of chili powder as well.

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