Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gratituesday: Christlike friends

Lent is here and I changed my plan mid stream back to my original plans for how I am going to observe it.
Here are some ideas...Via

We were asked by the Bishop to do good acts during Lent and while I had I originally  planned on that, I gave up whine wine instead, but went back to "good acts". I am not going to share what I am doing, as that is personal, but I will say it will be my attempt to be Christlike.

I have a very adorable, good egg friend who truly inspires me. She has a superb sense of humor (something I find extremely important in anyone who might come into contact with me), she is a true blue flip flop lover, she reads voraciously, and she is dedicated to God and Christ in her daily life.

She is involved in youth, and Bible study and raising godly children and having a St. Valentine worthy marriage. She opens her house to friends at the drop of a hat and she loves kickball.
 Total package, this girl. 

Her post today was really helpful but also very moving and an excellent example of what I call "walking the walk and talking the talk". We are Christ's image to the world. Not the televangelist using Him to get cash, not the politician using His name to get elected, not the priest abusing His people. Us. The everyday followers.  The ones people meet on the street, in the store, on the highway (gulp!) and at PTA. We are the mirror of His love and His teachings.

Meg is just that.