Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Exercising: Getting back on the horse

I have taken a break from a lot of my usual exercising.
My knee is bothering me, so I took  a break from running.
I am tired of the gym, so haven't darkened the door much there either.
I have being doing online videos, online spin class (on my spin bike) and these everyday.

Don't kid yourself...they are hard.

I need to up my cardio and lower my sugar, but I feel pretty good most of the time.
I am thinking of starting yoga, as I have heard some of my cardio junkie friends extolling the virtues of  yoga. Mostly firmer areas that seem to lack firmness when one is in one's forties.

We shall see. The sun is out, the weather is supposedly going to start behaving and I see shorts in my future (*gasp!).  What are you doing these days to keep yourself young and in shape?

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