Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Whatever: Happy Mardi Gras

Here at Casa Swann we love Mardi Gras.
We have been to the celebration in New Orleans and our kids sat in seats on the tops of ladders and yelled "Throw me somethin' mister" as beautiful floats went past us lobbing beads, toys and candy.
We came home with three yard bags full of loot. In our usual foodie style, we ate delicious food from street vendors, our favorites being red beans and gumbo. We rested in the neutral zone and chatted with families from all over Louisiana and the southeast. Our family are fans of fun and we will drive hours to experience it organically. Even if it means crossing Lake Pontchartrain in the middle of the night with parts of the guard rail missing (it was post Katrina by one year).
Since my photos are inaccessible... via
My Mardi Gras memories started as a child when my grandparents would go to Shreveport to
Mardi Gras with all their family and friends. My Memaw, who was the most glamorous person I have ever known, would bring us back loads of beads and cups from parades. I was hooked. I mean, colorful plastic beads and gold coins, what girl wouldn't be.

 Partyin' at my house
I never had the college experience of The French Quarter Mardi Gras, and I am a little sad about that fact. However, my husband did and I think he enjoyed it enough for both of us.

When I lived in St. Louis, I worked at an Irish pub the Soulard neighborhood, which has a huge Mardi Gras every year and made a lot of money and over indulged a fair amount as well.  The event was madness with yard long Hurricanes and lots of music and fun.

Now, Mardi Gras is food, fun and the last hooray  before Lent. We have had Mardi Gras parties complete with parades and floats at our house. Our kids beg every year to go back to New Orleans, and of course, we always say "Maybe next year!" 
I hope to return "next year" to one of my favorite cities. But this year it is king cake at Casa Swann.

Pre Mardi Gras sprinkle

Of course, we will wear our beads in celebration of   our favorite season!
Happy Mardi Gras!

Happy Mardi Gras!!!!

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