Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Whatever: No more babies

Today is my baby's birthday.
I remember her being born so very clearly.
Born at home, with a four hour labor weighing in at 9lbs, I couldn't believe my luck to have another beautiful baby girl.
She has always been funny and willful, but sweet and sensitive as well.
I love you, Momma!

She is a very easy person, with a mad sense of style and razor sharp wit, even as a toddler.
She wore only pink shoes between the ages of 2 and 5 and carried around a bunny and scotch tape.
Now she works Converse and draws better than most adults.
She is the kindest person I know and is always looking out for her friends, especially the ones who are a little bit different.

I can imagine what she will be like as an adult. Fun, sensitive and truly an excellent friend, cracking jokes that are never mean, but always funny.

I dread her growing up and leaving, so for today...

Happy Birthday, Ellie Belle!

Happy 11th birthday, special girl!

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