Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dirt: I want to laugh

I am a laughing fool.

I relish anything funny, preferring a bad joke to a sappy sentiment.

That could be a flaw. 

Or it could be me looking for the bright side in everything.

As I travel through life, I seek out those that make me laugh. If you have a good laugh, I will try to make you do it over and over again.

Whether laughing at myself, you or life in general, I appreciate someone who is not afraid to poke a little fun.

My husband keeps me laughing with his witty repartee and willingness to make a fool of himself.

Cat blanket

And, I hope I make him laugh, just a little as we travel through this life together.
Life can be really heavy and grim. Just listen to the news, read a paper or walk through the grocery store and you will hear things that make you want to curl up in bed and  never get up.

Laughter is truly one of God's greatest gifts.
It lightens our load and warms our hearts.

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