Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gratituesday: My rocks

I have really enjoyed everyone's countdown to Thanksgiving on Facebook.

I give a little Amen to every single one of them.

My life is full of riches, most of them are living and breathing. 
My family means so much to me, especially the relationships I have with my sisters.

They are my rocks. 

My husband makes fun of how we have a "special" speech pattern when we talk to each other.
And how we tell each other random "important" things, tell the same 5 stories over and over again and cackle like loons when we are together.

Well, what can I say, we are sisters.

 We have the same DNA and share the love that comes from coming full circle from being willing to beat the tar out of each other to being willing to fight to the death anyone else who even looks the wrong way at the others.

So, as I start my week of thankfulness, I have to say "THANKS" to the girls who keep my secrets, carry my burdens, share their burdens with me and make me laugh until I pee a little.

I love you Karen and Jennifer.

You are my rocks!

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