Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dirt: A summer to do list

Oh Snap!
I have got to get on the ball.

My life has taken a turn towards crazy busy.

Not that anyone else is less so. Mine seems to just involve driving, which is NOT a multitask activity.

My lovely sister came down for a visit. 
It rained the entire time she was here. Literally about 12 inches of rain in three days. 
Still, we had fun. Played, ate and went to my parents' farm for a cookout (in the rain) and birthday party for said sister. The kids played and ran around in the rain and the barn. We laughed and joked around and looked at my parents' project list (it is very long).
 I love it when we are all together and it makes me sad we don't all live in the same town. If you have that with your family, be extra thankful everyday.

Number 5 and number 10 are both girls...

Seriously...was it humid?

Monday hit and we went back to conditioning and camp for Delaney and double swim practice for Ellie. 3 hours of swim. That equals 10 twenty minute trips for me. Yes, that is 200 minutes or 3 hours 20 minutes, per day. I also did one delivery. Which took about 30 minutes of drive time. That was Monday only. 

No wonder I am so tired, come 7 pm.

But, it is a special thing to have my sweet girls be healthy and involved. They have maximized their drive times and have each read at least 6 books this summer each. We also have lots of talks and several spats. It's all good.

Summer will be gone before we know it. Swim season ends this weekend with the City Meet (big stuff). We have heard so much music this summer and had a blast playing kickball, but we have a few things we want to do yet to celebrate. 

Here is our list of things we intend to get done before school goes back in session.

1. Lookouts Game: When the kids were littler, we went all the time. So cheap, so fun.
2. Drive-in movie. There is a great double feature drive-in about 20 minutes away.
3. Go to a pool.No, I have not been in a pool yet!
4. Watch a movie in our yard with our projector.
5. Have a s'mores party.
6. Play kickball again

Wet cousins was the theme of the weekend.

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