Monday, July 15, 2013

Cooking: Recovering from my weekend!

Exhausted...but in a good way.
That is me.

We had a jam packed weekend full of fun.

Two days of swim meet, several PRs for my girls were the highlight. Of course, I took exactly NO pictures while I was there cheering for hours.  I timed for a portion of the meet Friday (I loved it!) and then I watched the meet. Simple as that.

City Meet is a huge deal. The teams all compete against each other and ours is a very small team. We were undefeated in our bracket, and will move up a bracket next year. BUT we have less than 60 kids on our team and the winning team had 160. Their leaders swam better, but we lost a lot of points because we had fewer swimmers. No biggie, it's all about the experience, right?

Steve and I met a ton of our friends and saw Old Crow Medicine Show in Chattanooga at Track29. So. MUCH. Fun.
They sounded so amazingly great and our friends being there made it so much better.

Sunday, we co-hosted a going away Sunday Pot Luck for awesome friends who are leaving us an moving to New York. Again, not a single photo. I was too busy enjoying the great party.

This week, we have one last swim team event and then FREEDOM. At least for Ellie. Delaney has workouts and one last week of volunteering at camp.

Today, I'm recovering. Tomorrow, on to summer.

Recovery Week Casa Swann Menu

  • Swim team potluck (taking watermelon)
  • Salmon cakes, Cucumber salad, kale 
  • Red Royals, grilled corn, kale, watermelon salad
  • Quiche, cucumber and avocado salad

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