Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Whatever: Checking things off the list

As summer rolls on, I am trying to finish several projects that get pushed to the wayside.

One is hanging my extensive collection of art. I have had pieces stashed since we painted last summer and it is finally time to get them all hung.

I am a huge fan of the gallery wall and have several in my house. 
I like that they show off my (very) eclectic tastes and also visually,  to me at least, they are stimulating.


Another project I am trying to finish is framing my collection (2) of concert posters that I started, oh...this year. I bought my husband the poster from our new year's eve date and he bought me one at a show we went to this summer. I hope to add to my collection to make it a real one.

Maybe I'll add one of these VIA

As concert tshirts don't last forever, I wanted something that we both could appreciate. 

 I found a slew of photos I want to frame to make a gallery wall of shame (as my sister refers to the hallway of family photos every Catholic family seems to have). I love quirky photos of my kids. I think I need to find some of Steve and I to hang.

I love checking items of my mental list of things that need to be done.

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  1. HA...started my gallery wall this weekend! I've been collecting all the goodwill & thrift shop frames for a year!