Sunday, October 6, 2013

Whatever: The weekend.

My sweet husband is a trooper.
He went to a game he didn't want to attend to help wrangle 6 girls Friday instead of seeing Sam Bush.
Of course, we owe him. 

The game was not won in our favor, but the girls had fun. Homecoming is always something special for adults, but the excitement is fun for kids as well. Now that we are parents of a high school student, I realize that I am counting down the days of having to go to a high school game. 

Saturday was fun, with harvest grapes at our friend's farm. Their vineyard is gorgeous and the company is really positive and uplifting. Everyone is there to help various aspects of their friends.
Us included.

Saturday was spent running around taking girls home and helping out a friend, whose daughter was doing community service and she had a time conflict. 

We ended up at 3 Sisters Bluegrass Festival which was perfect. 
On the river, great music, amazing Fall weather and wonderful company. Couldn't ask for more.

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