Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cooking: Brown bear menu

Brown bear, brown bear...for some reason that childhood color learning book is in my head. Both of my girls learned their colors by reading that book, over and over and over again.

Sometimes that is what cooking dinner feels like. Over and over and over again. Still, we do it every night. I cooked three meals Monday night to get ready for the week and stock the freezer. Roasting the last tomatoes of the year along with eggplant, mushrooms and onions made a delicious sauce or soup. Tomato pie made its appearance.

Not really sure...

I am not ready for fall. But chili and a s'more might be nice this weekend.

Brown Bear Casa Swann Menu
  • Hamburgers/black bean no soy burger
  • Tomato pie and mustard baked chicken thighs
  • Cooking light fall pork tenderloin, roasted seasoned sweet potatoes, kitchen sink salad
  • Spaghetti Squash with tomatoes and feta, left over pork, chicken and whatever meat
  • Three Sisters Bluegrass and McCallie/Baylor game (GO BLUE!)

I will share the pork tenderloin recipe once I dig it up again. It is my go to for cooking tenderloin, as it smells amazing, is easy and my family loves it. Win/Win! 

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