Monday, October 20, 2014

Cooking: Fall Break Camping

Last week I told Steve that I was going to make something new to eat each night. I was lucky in that we were going camping and I thought I could beg off Friday if I needed. I did beg off one night, Thursday, choosing to defrost chili from the weekend. To make up for it, I made a really delicious cast iron skillet of chili cheese cornbread with grits switched for corn meal. Yep, crunchy and moist!

The variety was really refreshing. I loved making new things and it inspired me to keep it up.

This weekend is fall break and I took Friday off so we could head out early to our campsite and get a good long hike in before dark. We borrowed nearly everything. (We have really awesome friends) and drove a couple of hours into the Georgia Cohutta Wilderness Preserve. The weather was really awesome, not too hot and not too cold. We set up our borrowed 8 man tent (really? 8?) and hit the trails.

Pre-hike dancing

The hike was long, somewhat strenuous (just the right amount) and really fun. The girls are at the age where they like being with us still, are old enough to carry packs, and are athletic enough to not whine. I took turns with Ellie talking 1452 pictures, we met a few (8 total ) people on the trail in just under 4 hours of hiking.

Our campsite was just 30 feet from a brook, which was so charming until it kept me awake all  night. No one slept, but we laughed and joked the entire 28 hours of camping. Breakfast was s'mores and French press coffee (Delaney brought homemade hot chocolate for herself and Ellie). Our dogs got exhausted and we trundled back home.

Great first foray into camping with teenagers. Now we know what we need to buy (tent, stove, propane) and what we need to stock up on (batteries, silverware), as well as that we enjoy camping. And even better, we enjoy each others company.

* I also learned I need to figure out a vegetarian option for the meal I made my family. They LOVED the hobo chicken brushetta that I prepped and brought along. My baked potato was good, the mushrooms and onions were great, but not as rave worthy as their panko, chicken and tomato deliciousness.

Last day of Fall Break Casa Swann Menu
  • Butternut squash and chickpeas/all day roasted pork 
  • Leftovers (financial aid night/work event/ concert!)

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