Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dirt: A mom's gotta stress

Well, it is Thursday and I am already stressed about the weekend.

 My sweet older daughter, who is strong as an ox, found out yesterday she is rowing in the A boat at tomorrow's first head race. So proud of her and all the hard work she has put into crew.  A lot of early mornings (6:30 am) practicing on the river in the fog and a lot of trying hard to better herself. Three days a week she leaves at 7:20 pm.  and gets home at 8:20pm.  She is truly amazing to watch.

Last year's novice race...she is 4th blue shirt from the left

This weekend is the opening race of the season and she is wired! All I have to do is coordinate food for the team and watch. And hope for no rain, or thunder, or wind or....barges.

Not that hard! Still, I stress about my girl and how she will do and how that will make her feel. Basically, it's first born syndrome all over again.

I am just hoping her uni gets here in time. Great, one more thing to stress about.

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