Monday, October 13, 2014

Cooking: Lots of Photos Later...

 THIRD PLACE!  Not only was she in A boat, but they got third place in their 8 boat, beating out their local rivals and a national rival as well. Big stuff for a first varsity race.  The weather decided to agree after a 90 minute delay for what turned out to be nothing. This made for a long, long day for our rower who rowed what amounted to 12 miles up and down the river (two 5k races). Her four boat was all sophomores and we could not have been more proud of their 12th place finish (out of 20 teams).  The day really was one to remember.

The girls shared their boathouse with their brother school

Notice the girls in the corner and the boys...everywhere

These boys at one point were lined up asleep

Lots of moms making food...they need a lot of food

The girl corner

Can you tell mine was mortified I was taking pictures
early morning clouds

The rowers start coming down river

Our dock is one of the few on the river


Clouds are parting
Putting the boat in...they carry that expensive boat up and down that ramp!

Off they go! D is seat 7 (left to right)

Coxswain waiting for her team  to go by

Our view

Here they come!


4 later in the day

I am on the rowing learning curve right now, learning terms and times. Luckily for me, I have been a swim mom for 10 years, so I am great at waiting hours for a few seconds of watching the action. Like swimming, they have a easily recognizable emblem (oars). Apparently, I am really loud. My youngest asked if Delaney could see or hear us on the bridge and she said " I only saw and heard mom". Best day ever!

Post Chattanooga Head Race Menu
  • Salmon Florentine /roasted squash
  • Spaghetti squash bake with tomatoes and pesto
  • Pork Roast/ baked sweet potato/ quinoa
  • Chili pie
  • Fall BREAK!

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