Monday, December 12, 2011

Dirt: Monday realization

Dawned on me today that all holiday stress I have, 
I put on myself.
Amazingly, I just got that. 
My husband could care less. 
My kids are truly appreciative of trees, carols and the odd cookie here and there.
I am am the one who stresses about getting it all done.
What is ALL? When will it get done? 
Why do I stress out if it does not make me happy (and thereby everyone around me?)

Have no clue.

This year, I am not stressing myself out. 
Baby steps, of course.
 I am taking a break from sending out 150 Christmas cards to people far and wide. 
Facebook and email are my mail carriers.

Happy Christmas Season.

Best one yet!

1 comment:

  1. Great idea and I think I just might follow your lead. With all the unpacking and moving and work stuff, I'm stressing about when I'll get the tree up and how we are going to get our cards done this weekend...