Thursday, December 15, 2011

Whatever: A Christmas list of things I love

I love Christmas.
No really, I do.
I know everyone who has read my Facebook status or come in contact with me the last few days might think otherwise. What I don't like is putting  Christmas lights on the tree and the insane "YOU MUST BUY" attitude that is perpetuated starting in September.

I love Christmas. 
The whole shebang.
The cookies and Christmas Mass. 
The tree and the shows. 
The songs and the planning. 
The food and the fellowship.
I love trying to find just the right gift for everyone I love. 
I think about it all year and listen to what they  talk about and are interested in. Sometimes I want to buy things that I cannot afford, of course. But I truly feel it is not about buying something, it is about finding the right way to say " I love you, I was thinking about you, and I want you to remember that when you see this gift."
I fall short a fair amount. I have bought gifts for my husband, specifically, that I missed the boat on. He is a true challenge. A two-parter. He doesn't ever really want a gift AND if he wants something, he buys it for himself most of the time. 

I on the other hand, will wait YEARS for something. 

I long for it so long that if/when I actually receive it, it's almost a religious experience. I am fairly easy to buy for as I rarely deviate from what I like

Here is a list of gifts that would be highly appropriate this year. 
Either I have received them, have given them, will give them or just really like them.
Happy Holidays!

GoodHew Socks.
My husband got me hooked on them. They are a local (for me) company and literally  the best socks you can buy. I wore them when I ran Ragnar and no stinky feet!

 Smith's Rosebud Salve
100 years  of keeping people chap free.
This time of year, skin and lips get so dry.
Stick one in a stocking and hook 'em forever!

I love getting and giving something artistic. Here is my newest favorite shop. Not only do they sell local artists works, they also create artistic and unique weddings and events. Love!

I went to Texas and tried these on. 
They are my favorite shoes and I have worn them everywhere including New York City.
Best boots EVER!

Infinity and beyond
this is the softest and thickest tee scarve I have seen.

cozy and soft

Orla Kiely 
Coveted and graphic, this bag is the workhorse of all bags. 

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