Thursday, December 22, 2011

Food: Christmas is for eatin'

I have been shoveling making cookies the past few days. 
Thus far, peanut butter, molasses ginger and now some chocolate Cary cookies from my Beaufort, S.C. cookbook given to me for Christmas by my best friend a few years back.
My house smells like Christmas. 
My children have been helping with the shoveling which has kept my inhalation of cookies to the modest dozen or so. (Who am I kidding?)

 Food is something always on our minds at my house.
We talk about what we are going to eat  at the next meal WHILE we are eating the current one.
My husband and I love to eat. I love to read about eating. 
He loves to talk about eating.
We might have a sickness.

So, as we were eating lunch yesterday, we were discussing what we are going to eat this weekend. I personally do not want to cook on Christmas, as I generally like to lay about in my pajamas and nap all day. Then get dressed, have a glass of wine and put the enchiladas in the oven.