Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gratituesday: Girlfriends

Girlfriends...and their boyfriends
I am grateful for lots of relationships in my life.
Other than my husband and family, 
The most important ones to me are my girlfriends.
They inspire me to dress cute. Fix my hair.
Laugh and actually put myself out there.
They have gone with me to put down my beloved dog. 
Held my newborn babies.
Made me dinner to celebrate running a marathon.
Gone on vacation with me. 
Brought me wine on my birthday.
They are what makes me try to be a better version of me.

I am raising two girlfriends. 
I hope they find the kinds of friends I have found.

Today, I am grateful for my girlfriends.
To all of you, I love ya!

Goofy girlfriends.

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