Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Lists

I went to the mall area not once, but twice yesterday.
All my lazy holiday spirit lead to the first trip.
There were last minute "Santa" items that needed purchasing.

The second trip was to take my beloved baby girls shopping.
They were not impressed by the crowds any more than I was.
Actually, I was impressed they were not as bad as I thought they might be.

We had first tier parking, for Pete's sake!
And didn't wait very long in any of the lines we stood in to pay for last minute items. 
We NEEDED to purchase a pair of saved for shoes for my oldest daughter
(baby sitting has it's perks!) and looked for some dresses for my younger "hipster". 
I have to admit it was really fun and once we left, I got out of Dodge with only minimal waiting at one traffic light.
As is our tradition in my family, we make lists of items we might want for Christmas. I lobbied hard to get rid of them, feeling that  it is hard as an adult to come up with things and also that we all have known each other for years. 
Well, I was overruled by my parents and I am glad.
Lists give me the opportunity to see things through someone's eyes besides mine for a change.
For the most part, I am done shopping. I still have to get two people something, but I won't see them until AFTER Christmas, so I am taking a break. 
I got tickled reading the lists of my family members ( we drew names, so I didn't get all of them). 
There are some unexpected items on the lists.
 I know everyone is done shopping and are relaxing and having a second cup of eggnog in celebration of that fact. However, for your Boxing Day exchanges, here is a list of really great items based on my family's wants. I have included links.
Merry Christmas!
Texting gloves
Uncle Milton Radio Control Tarantula
Remote Controlled Tarantula
Soup Thermos
Yoda Slippers
Epson LabelWorks LW-300 Label Maker (C51CB69010)
Label Maker
Telephoto lens for Iphone
Madeline-Ivory Peter Pan Collar Dress
Collared dress
Gnome cookie jar

Beach vacation...long over due
* I must add that all of these items with the exception of the soup container, tarantula and the dress were asked for by ADULTS in my family.

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