Monday, December 10, 2012

Cooking: Holiday kickoff

I had an awesome weekend.
I hope you did as well.

My children in the midst of final exams and end of year projects.
 I worked a fair amount last week and we had various home projects going on, including getting the dry wall fixed in our bedroom (mess!).

We actually had no firm plans this weekend other than we had tickets to a local highschool's Christmas program on Saturday night.

On a whim, Steve and I went to a movie Friday night. 
Saw the new Bond movie (as the only girl in my house that had not seen hottie Daniel Craig running around in a well fitting suit, I was felling left out.)
We even got popcorn AND split a Diet Coke. Wild.


Saturday, Steve went biking and I worked out, while the girls did their chores. Cleaning rooms that stay clean for about 13 minutes is a Sisyphus task for them. Not sure how they get so trashed. But, after Steve got home and we all showered, we drive to a neighboring "town" and went to a cut your own Christmas tree farm. I wasn't sure what to expect. 

What we got was a memory that will last a very long time and a new Swann family tradition.

 I put a shout out on the Facebooks looking for a farm and my friend Maria came through, for sure.

The sweet couple at the Reese Family Christmas Tree Farm were so nice and the guy who helped us with our tree and took our Christmas card photo was truly a gem.


 They didn't bat an eye when Steve chased the girls around the farm with a stick.

 Or when we pretended we were giants. Or when we made Ellie "work"

. Or when we tried to take their dog. (Joke, but I really have a soft spot for Jack Russells). We tromped around on that farm for a good hour touching every tree and running around, laughing like lunatics.

After we had our fill of the tree farm, we came home and relaxed.

The girls and I went to hear the McCallie/GPS Candlelight Christmas concert. The music was absolutely top notch and put the three of us in the holiday spirit.

Sunday we did the church thing, shopped for secret Santa, did some homework and worked on decorating the tree. We are taking our time with the decorations and it is truly a great way to do it. 

The girls made my aunts recipe for Molasses Crisp cookies Steve and I went to dinner and went to hear the Carolina Chocolate Drops as the final icing on a lovely weekend.

If you have not seen or for that matter heard the Carolina Chocolate Drops,  you must do so as soon as possible. One of the best folk bands around (just nominated for their second Grammy).

Casa Swann We gotta Eat Menu 

All in all, a great weekend and a truly great way to ease into the holidays.

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