Thursday, December 20, 2012

Whatever: Traditions and a cheap mom

*As a "glass half full" person, I am ready for some good news.*

My kids are almost ready for Christmas and the talk of that has taken over the tragedy that is all over the news has quieted down some.
 We are  gathering up our Christmas traditions and celebrating them as much as possible.

I started a tradition a few years ago with my girls that we celebrate the countdown to Christmas with a little gift starting 12 days before. They love it, knowing they get the yearly Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve and random little things up until then.

In the past they have received  the following: a ticket to go see a movie, lip gloss, gum, a book about Christmas,  a nut cracker for their collections, mascara (for the girl newly allowed to wear makeup), small stuffed animal, etc.
Nothing big, but it is a fun thing that even now as "cool" middle schoolers, they love.

I wanted something different and colorful to serve as the Advent calendar. 
I searched around and found this lovely at Garnet Hill.
Hats and Mittens Advent Calendar

But at almost $100, my budget did not allow it. Then, I had the genius idea to knit it myself! 
I made one mitten and it took me about three weeks. Not really what I had in mind.
So, I decided to fall back on my early education. Literally 4th grade.
In 4th grade, I was in school in Texas and we celebrated Christmas as both the season of Jesus' birth and the month before the one month we wore coats to school (January is about the only cold time in Texas).  In 4th grade, we made felt stockings, a felt nativity and bells, lots and lots of bells.
(My teacher loved felt apparently and was getting married over Christmas break, hence the bells). 
So, I made myself a 4th grade version of the fancy schmancy Garnet Hill mitten advent calendar with the 12 days of Christmas (I know Mom, the twelve days are AFTER Christmas).

It serves all my purposes. My kids (in 1st and 3rd grade at the time) loved it, it is very colorful and slightly tacky (my Christmas theme if you will) and it was inexpensive. 



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